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Shelltoys 64 (v7)

I am using win7 64bit, with 64bit dopus and 64bit shelltoys, however the shelltoys context menu doesn't show up in dopus. I appreciate that dopus can do a lot of what shelltoys does, however, I find shelltoys useful and would quite like it to work inside dopus. Any ideas ?


(Great file manager by the way).

Jon's post about checking ignore_context_menus may be the answer, but I don't think he was using 64-bit Windows at the time so it may only apply to 32-bit versions of Shelltoys.

Nope, nothing shown under that option (other than a *)

In case anyone else has had a problem, the Shelltoys support have provided the answer (a snippet from the email received) :

"The problem was caused by compatibility changes we had to make to the
ShellToys menu for x64 (we have to do a careful check for window type).
We've now released an updated version of the file in question that allows
DOpus windows. If you go to the ShellToys Settings window > ShellToys
Updates and click the Launch Live Update button, it will find and download a
newer version of CFiShell64.dll (probably requiring a restart after
installing it)."

It's now working fine. :slight_smile: