Shelltoysxp 'Goto folder' ignored by DIR. OPUS

ShelltoysXP adds a neat set of utilities to explorer (Right click on blank part of pane e.g.)

Many functions work in Dopus, but 'Go To Folder' doesn't seem to do anything.

Since the explorer right click options are supported, could this be too?

Or do I need to install ShelltoysXP AFTER Dopus?

Thanks, David Lawrie

Just had a brief look at the ShellToysXP site and the "Go To Folder" option is just a favourites system. Why not just add your Opus favorites to the lister context menu?

Hi, I know what you mean. But it's a matter of habit. I use Shelltoys GoTo in other contexts e.g. Open/Save dialogue boxes.

Consistency makes life easy.

On the other hand, I noted Regtoy's GoTo works with Dopus, so maybe I have to change to set all my links up with that instead.

But I wonder what else isn't consistent. Some other features of ShelltoysXP do work- not tried them all.

You're assuming that Opus is at fault. Adding items to the Context Menu is a black art and we've seen in the past other products use obscure methods to do so...

If the items are added okay but don't do anything when selected then I think you will have to ask the ShelltoysXP to describe what happens when they are selected. Perhaps they are triggering some kind of message which Explorer understands but Opus doesn't know about and ignore.

Hi, it's interesting to compare ShelltoysXP & Regtoy.

Both offer right click on blank area context menu with 'Go to folder'. But there's a difference. the first opens in the same window, the second in a new window (Explorer).

Regtoy works in Dopus- in the same pane.
ShelltoysXP does nothing- just a delay.

(Note: Filebox extender (hyperonics) does work with Dopus).

David L

If it opens things in a new Explorer window then it is probably launching the folders incorrectly.

My bet is that it is either calling Explorer.exe directly or using the ShellExecute API but incorrectly passing "open" for the verb instead of leaving the verb null to pick up the default action. (See here for why the verb should be null and not "open".)