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Shift click


I have made a button on the toolbar which opens a directory when I click on it.
Is it possible that it opens a different directory when I shift-click the icon.
(Alt or Ctrl is fine too)


Yes, search for @keydown in the manual for examples.


Works great.
Thanks Leo!


The most strange thing happend.
The function worked great until 2 days ago....

Go "D:\Foto-old" OPENINLEFT @keydown:shift

When I click the icon I very briefly see the first and correct path, C:\Foto, shown in the pane. (not the contents itself, just the path)
Then it opens D:\Foto-old

I didn't change Opus settings.
The only thing I can think about, and I'm not sure about that, is that Windows might have done and automatic nightly update around the time the button got broken


That should never have worked. That isn't how @keydown is used.

Here's the example from the manual:


That works.
But that doesn't mean much it seems, because I said so before LOL


In your command above, you have @keydown as an argument to the Go command. It isn't used that way. It should be on a line of its own, like in the examples the manual shows.