Shift select

Hi, I've done a quick search and faq browse but cant find this answer, its probably some setting I'm overlooking

When I want a number of files in a folder, for example 20 or so rar files I've just extracted from, so I select the top one, and, in explorer I would click the bottom one holding left shift and that would select them all, but in Opus it just selects the bottom one. then I have to left click hold down and scan the rest of them. I cant get out of the habit though.

Question is, what's the setting I have to change for it to emulate windows explorer and select all of the files in between and the bottom one I shift left clicked on ?

pretty please

Oops, just realised its only in power view that it behaves like this, Details view it works like explorer.

Now I need to see the settings for both and apply the details file selection options to the power one, i think

All the settings specific to Power Mode are together in one place:

Preferences / Listers / Power/Details Mode

There's a Range selection with... option in there which should do what you want.