Shortcut for file edit?

Gets me courious more and more:
Dopus with all its powerful config possibilties, bells and whistles does not have a shortcut for file editing handy ??

Wading for hours now through keymap functions, settings, configs etc. but all i find are tons of view-, show- and play functions...

Is it only me with my blindness, my lazyness for studying tons of manuals for a simple function or is Dopus missing here really something ?
cant believe

Can someone help me out here ?
I'd like to map the F4 key (or another) so that it starts notepad.exe opening the currently selected file for editing.


Customize -> Keys

Add a hotkey for F4, set the function to:

notepad.exe %1

works like a charm

where could i have found it ( f.e. type it in manually instead of "not finding" in the function list ) ?
dopus-help, right ? :smiley: ... k, but which section ?
really tried it but lost patience after a while...

anyway, thanks a lot !


hey there wiper...

I had first looked at Dopus a while ago at v6 and was impressed by most of the functionality it offered over Windows Exploder, but quickly got frustrated at how 'complex' it seemed. So... I went away and tried others like PowerDesk which seemed simpler. Eventually though, I came back to Dopus and after spending some time realized that things weren't as complicated as first they seemed, and found that many ppl on these forums can often be quite helpful; and so I jumped in and bought Dopus v8.

What Jon had you do was nothing more than define a key binding to call a system command/program (notepad) - which you would not find in the function list - and to pass the selected file to that command as the %1 variable the same way you would really do with a batch file. And in most all other cases where you're calling external Windows programs like Notepad, %1 should generally be passed if you want to operate on a selected file/folder(s).

As you dig deeper into creating other useful 'shortcut' key bindings (or as I'm a big fan of - right click context menu items) you'll find that it's common for most of the Dopus internal functions (stuff in the list) to automatically operate on the selected files without a need for %1 being used... this is also true if you want to manually invoke certain shell extensions after disabling the normal 'Explorer' right click context menu in Preferences.

The best way I've found to learn this stuff is by example... look at how some of the other things you already know how to do in the program are set up and use what you find as a pattern to do something similar but different; and as you make changes you learn along the way. Hmmm... I believe this is also called 'hacking' :slight_smile: LOL.

But seriously, it's like many technically oriented things; words of instruction can ring kind of hollow if you haven't had a chance before hand to get a look at what you're trying to learn... but when you HAVE first had a chance to expose yourself to something, then later when you re-read documentation/manuals/etc; some of the topics make a little more sense because you can relate to it better after having seen some of it in action...

Give something you find you'd like to do a shot, and if you have problems, explain what you're trying to do here on the forum as clear as you can; maybe with an example of how you're trying to do it, and ppl will indeed respond and try to help.

FYI - A handy tip to remember is that as you experiment, under the 'Settings' menu there is an 'Import and Export...' selection you can use in order to save your current settings. Use it often to export/save multiple settings as you make changes so you can quickly get back to working order if you foul things up.