Shortcut for resizing file display in dual display mode

Very often when using a dual display, I'd like to resize the width of one of the two displays, making one file display smaller and the other bigger. I know I can just hover over the separating line between the displays (or edge of the tree if I'm using dual tree view), but it would be neat if I could make this "selection" with a mouse shortcut, meaning the separating line would snap to wherever my cursor is (with some clamping to whatever is acceptable).

Is there some way to do this, or how could I set this up?

For reference, I'm talking about similar behavior that you get when resizing windows, that happens when you press the following in a non-maximized window:
alt + space
right arrow + down arrow
-> now the bottom right corner of your window goes to wherever your mouse is.

Not exactly what you've asked for, but you could use a command like this to quickly toggle between a 50:50 split and a 75:25 split:

Set DUALSIZE=50,75

Thank you, coupling Set DUALSIZE 50 with Set DUALSIZE +-10 commands is perfect.

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