Shortcut icons don't work when starting Opus by double-click

I couldn't find a similar issue with the search but I apologize if I missed it.

I recently installed Vista 64 on my machine and Opus along with it. Now it seems that I can't double-click on any desktop shortcuts (Opus will start a Lister every time) while the option to open Opus by double-clicking on the desktop is active. Turn it off and double-clicking on the shortcuts works perfectly again. Of course you can right-click and select Open, but it used to work fine before.

Also pressing the windows key+e shortcut calls the normal explorer window instead of Opus.

And sometimes pressing Ctrl+a inside a lister seems to open the search bar instead of selecting all files.

What terms did you try in the search? "x64" and "double-click" brings up relevant threads immediately: ... oubleclick