Shortcut key for Duplicate tab on right?

I'm trying to create a shortcut key (ALt+Z) for the tab context menu item "Duplicate tab on right" in order to use it when I have a dual pane lister open. I have looked in the configuration settings, but I could not find any way to do this.

Is it possible to add a shortcut key to this context menu item?


go tabduplicate=dual openinright

For the context menu part look under -> customize -> "context menu" tab -> lister context menu. There you can add the new command.

Thank you very much. It works perfectly!

I saw your second reply after I posted mine. I now have a shortcut with Alt+Z doing exactly what I wanted. I don't umderstand what you wrote about the context menu part, because the particular command is in the tabs context meny, that is I see it when I right click on a tab. I don't see this context menu in the "customize" lister context menu. There should be a tab context menu somewhere, to be customized, but I don't see it.

Yes, is should have mentioned that. You can access the customize mode in three ways, either by selecting -> Settings -> Customize, or right clicking an empty space in
a tool bar, selecting customize, or in case you want to edit some code, Alt-clicking on the button you want to edit. By the way, there is some nice How-To section here
by Leo, where you can even watch some video instructions.

Thanks for the additional information. DOPUS has a huge number of settings that can be customized and I'm still at the steep end of the learning curve.