Shortcut - lnk Properties, registry setting or option?

Hello all,
I've changed the way new links are labled and displayed in the registry when I first got DOpus, so I know where the options or properties are for the links.
My Question is, is there a way to tell DOpus the actual link properties? In this I mean, I want the link to use the //ServerName/Share/ instead of X:/Drive/Folder/. I'm sure others have this problem, if you either move folders or use the folders from other machines on the network, a drive/folder property will not work, if that letter is not also maped, but will never work if the link is refering to a C or D local (on shared mach), when you have those drive on the remote mach (client) also. I have started Alt+Enter and changing properties to the //Server/ etc., as I come across them, but this could use up a day or so..

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Well, the way I see it is this:

  • if you create a shortcut from a UNC path like \server\share\file, Dopus should and does use that path to define the shortcut.
  • if you create a shortcut from a mapped drive path like x:\file, Dopus should and does use that path to define the shortcut.

So if you're looking for some sort of button or function that will let you convert shortcuts that were "already" created as pointing to a mapped drive, then I think you're out of luck. There's no information available for Dopus or any other application to key off of to know what UNC path info to substitute for the mapped path...

Well... if you have all of the paths mapped to those drives 'now', I guess you could write a program that could enumerate the drive mappings to sort of dereference the drive letters and get the UNC paths back, and which could then process selected .lnk files and change the Target and Start in link data. This is not a functionality available in Dopus though... AFAIK.

Thanks for responding, but...

DOpus is not automatically using the UNC paths. What I have and want is:

I have 100,000's of files all sorted in folders. Lets say I have a song on M:/Music/RockHard (M: is a physical drive and Music is both a directory and a share name), but I also think the the song belongs in M:/Music/RockGothic/. So I Alt+drage the file from RockHard to RockGothic to create a shortcut. Now when I go to my SuSe Linux Thinkpad in the garage or the one in my room or the workstation in the house (I'm working on my huge "graphics" workstation in the appartment above the garage during this scenario) and I choose to play the directory //hpxp/Music/RockGothic/ the links that have properties that refer to "local" drives and directories will not work. This is true of Many of my drives and directories. Another is my My Documents directory. That is on G:/My Documents/Manuals and HowTos/etc.. so if I have a shortcut in here to say an audio file on M or another folder outside of my docs/ then it will also fail..

I know this is no big deal, but I was hoping that I could put something in the Registry that would force DOpus to use the \HPXP\FolderName instead of Drives and Folders. This would make working on Samba machines much easier... That's all. Maybe I'll try a few things. What's the worst that could happen, I throw my Graphics Station out the window?

Thank you again,


Although the M drive is physically connected to and shared from the computer you're using, you can still access it via the UNC share path on that computer. If you do that then the shortcuts you create will be as you want them to be.

By the way, accessing the share as \localhost\share doesn't seem to work for me (get an error about duplicate names on the network), but if you use the computer name instead of "localhost" it works fine for me. (Good old SMB...)

I now see what you are saying.. Access the directories via UNC (\Mach_Name\Share\File and then Alt+Drag and create the .lnk file...:slight_smile:

Got it..

Thanks Again!