Shortcut popup menu. is it posible?


is there any way that i can use short cut to popup a menu. Lets say i want shortcut ctrl + g will popup a go menu where ever the cursor is. Is that posible.

thx for your time.

Maybe :slight_smile: but it depends exactly which menu you want, and also whether you want that menu to close after selecting an item.

You can define a hotkey which opens a floating toolbar/menu where the mouse pointer is but if you want it to close after you select something then I think you have to edit all of the items in the menu to add close commands to their buttons. If that's what you want let me know and I'll explain how it's done.

yess that is what i want. please show me :blush: and i also want to know how to make only 1 dopus lister run. i mean when i open something or click the icon at the tray bar the old lister will activate.



[ol][li]Enter Customize mode (From the menus: Settings -> Customize)
[li]Switch to the Toolbars tab and create a new toolbar called MyMenu (or whatever you want). This will be the menu that pops up. (Menus and toolbars are the same thing in Opus.)
[li]You'll probably want to switch on the new toolbar's Vertical style within the Customize dialog so that it is more like a traditional pop-up menu. Setting the Type to No Frame might also look best.
[li]Create the buttons that you want in the toolbar, either from scratch or by dragging out things from the Commands tab (or copying items from other toolbars/menus).
[li]For each button in your menu, edit it, switch the editor to advanced mode (so you can enter more than one line) and then add this line to the end of the command:

Toolbar NAME=MyMenu CLOSE

That means that when you click the button its command will run and the toolbar will also close.
[li]Now go back to the Customize dialog and this time go to the Keys tab.
[li]Add a hotkey, set to Ctrl-G, which runs this command:

Toolbar NAME=MyMenu STATE=Float POS=mouse

[li]Click OK in the Customize dialog to save your changes.[/li][/ol]
Now when you press Ctrl-G the toolbar will appear, floating under the mouse pointer, and when you click a button in the toolbar its command will run and the toolbar will close.

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I've created a new FAQ to answer this question:
[Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows)

(In future please create new threads for new questions so it's easier for people to find answers when searching the forum.)

thx its work... the only problem is.. it didnt auto hide/close. i have to create another close button. and if i click somewhere else the toolbar/menu is gone ! ctrl + g wont popup it anymore. the only way is have to manually disable it through setting -> customize.

If you enable on top setting, yes you can click somewhere else, but when you ctrl + g the menu gone ! have to disable manually.

sorry for my bad english, hope u can understand

You have to add a close command to every button in the toolbar so that it closes when you click the buttons. (See Step 5.)

It won't go anywhere, except behind other windows (if it isn't set to be Always On Top), so if you move your other windows you should see it there.

You probably want it to be Always On Top if you're going to use it as a pop-up menu.

Because it's already open, but hidden behind something else. :slight_smile:

If you add "TOGGLE" to the Ctrl+G hotkey's command then you can press Ctrl+G twice so that the existing toolbar is hidden and then a new one is opened.

yess... TOGGLE is what i'm looking for. thank you very much. :smiley: :sunglasses: