Shortcut to bring Opus to top

I usually have Opus as one of many applications open on my desktop. I would like to know how to quickly make it the active application with a simple shortcut - rather than having to find it on the taskbar or on the list that Alt-TAB gives me.

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Try this command:


Thanks for your response, but I don't think I made myself clear in my question. I should have asked about hotkey instead of shortcut.

I want a GLOBAL hotkey to open Opus. When I am working in another program and want to see my current Opus lister pop up on the screen quickly, I press WINDOWS-E. The problem is that it gives me a fresh Opus lister, not the one that I am working with.

The best I can do at present is Alt-TAB, which means that I need to press TAB up to ten times before I get to Opus.

Just bind Set LISTERCMD=ShowAll to a system-wide hotkey and you should get what you want.

It sounds to me like you need to use the new function added to 8.1. From the 8.1 update notes...

Go command now has a LASTACTIVELISTER switch. When specified, this causes Opus to activate and bring to the front the Lister that was most recently active.

If the most recently active Lister has been closed, or there are no Listers open at all, the rest of the command arguments are used instead. So for example,


This will display the last active Lister if possible, otherwise it will open a new one. For example, this command can be used to create a custom USER command which can then be used as the action for Double-Click on the desktop to re-display the active Lister rather than open a new one.

This is normally used via a Double-Click on the Desktop - that's how I use it - but you could equally create a hot-key that does the same thing.