Shortcut to select the first filtered file

I'm trying to set a shortcut to select the first file in a lister after filtering it.

In a lister I press * to start filtering and press s.
I'm trying to set a shortcut to select the first file in the result list.

Any kind of advice is much appreciated.

Select FIRST will do that.

Thanks for trying to help.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it work.
I don't have Select First in the list of the functions. (see attached file).
I typed it and test it. But after filter, the focus is still on the filter text box. and not to the first found item.

Any further advice is much appreciated.

That dropdown only lists the most common commands. There are thousands more possibilities, which can be typed in. You can also click Advanced and then use the menus at the top of the command editor to build up more complex commands.

If you want to change the keyboard focus as well as select the first file:

Select FIRST
Set FOCUS=Source

(You'll need to click Advanced in the button editor to enter a two-line command.)

Or you may just want Set FOCUS=Source if all you care about is the keyboard focus. But also note that you can just push return after typing a pattern in to the filter to do the same thing; it doesn't need a special command.

Sorry for a late reply.
I was away from my desk for several days.

Unfortunately it doesn't work.
To be more specific, If I filter a lister, press Enter and then the short cut, the first item in the result is selected and focus moves to the lister. (exactly as I want it to be)

But after filtering, if I only press the shortcut (Without pressing Enter key) the focus is still on the filter textbox.

Though for now I use it this way, I appreciate if there's a way to make it work without the Enter key. I don't want my right hand leave the mouse. (Lazy? :slight_smile: )

Thanks again for your support.

If you're doing it via the keyboard, wouldn't it be easier to just push Enter and then Home, rather than add a new hotkey?

Well, I was looking for a way to set a short cut to use it with my left hand.
Mostly, I have my left hand on the keyboard and my right hand on a 3D mouse.
I wanted not to let go of the mouse as far as possible.

Both Enter & Home are on the right side of the keyboard and using them requires my right hand leave the mouse.

But it seems there's no other way.
I'll manage to use Enter & Home.

Thanks again for your support.