Shortcuts and Standalone Viewer

Let's say I have a bunch of images in a folder..


..and I use COPY MAKELINK to create a few selected shortcuts in another folder..

img002 - shortcut
img004 - shortcut
img006 - shortcut

When I use the Opus standalone viewer on img002 - shortcut it correctly displays the linked img002.jpg in the base folder. When I click to move to the next image, it displays img003.jpg then img004.jpg, etc.. Is there a way of forcing the standalone viewer to cycle through the selected shortcuts rather than the images in the base folder?

Regards, AB

If you select all the shortcuts, then run this command, it will do what you want:

@resolvelinks Show

I'm not sure if there is a way to make it work when just double-clicking one of the shortcuts, though. That might require using softlinks or hardlinks rather than shortcuts.

Thanks Leo.

Using Copy makelink=softlink does the trick.

Regards, AB