Shortcuts to Control Panel aren't working in lister?

For some reason, some types of shortcuts I create don’t execute correctly from within an opus lister:

  • Shortcuts to normal files and folders work fine
  • Some types of system shortcuts don’t. (I. E. Windows Firewall, Users Accounts, etc.) When I double-click on them in a lister it just refreshes.
  • Is there a setting in OP to fix this?

Thanks for any help given!

Are you on Windows 7 and creating the shortcuts via the Start Menu's search feature?

No, still on XP!

For a little more clarity: I'm just dragging them from the control panel to a Lister and they don't work. Actually, nothing from the control panel works. But it's not just the control panel, some other types don't work either, like to my LAN cards. But links to component services and event viewer, etc. do work - what's the difference?

Also, this is exactly the same on all three of my OP systems.

Ah, okay, thanks. It wasn't what I thought it was, but after firing up XP in a VM I can confirm what you're seeing.

Not a problem, I can right-click on these shortcuts and choose open.

Thanks Leo!