Shorter refresh intervals


is there a way to automatically update the current file list in shorter intervals? For example, if I save a Word file to a certain location and the contents of that folder is currently being displayed in DO, then the newly saved *.doc file won't appear in the list unless I do a manual refresh with F5 (or wait for 10 minutes or longer...)

Any help is much appreciated.


10 minutes is an awfully long time to have to wait...

Are you saving it to a network drive? If so, check that Preferences, File Operations, General, Detect external file changes on network drives is switched on.

If it's not just a network drive but a Samba network drive, check the Samba configuration which specifies how often the Samba server will alert other machines about changes to folders. (For some reason Samba does this by polling for changes rather than firing off change events automatically as files are modified).

If it's a local drive then something's up. It may be you have a lot of filesystem activity going on in the background which can flood the change notification queue and cause events to be lost. (You can see the same thing happen to FileMon and other tools. FileMon itself is a good way to check out the level of background activity going on and may also point to what's causing the problem if that's it. It's normal for a few lines to appear in FileMon every second or so (say 30 lines) but not for a huge (hundreds/thousands) amount to continually appear while you're not doing anything.)

Thank you very much for your recent input! (I did not answer earlier because I thought I would receive e-mail notification when a reply is posted, but that doesn't seem to be the case).

I changed the network folder behaviour and now everything works perfectly! Thanks again.