Should be really easy to make favorites (and other path names in the config) even smarter

We have smart favorites for a long time in Dopus and now even a favorite toolbar,

BUT favorites (whether added explicitly via folder selection by the user or the Dopus smart mechanism) still are stored in the config (and the settings for config backups) with absolute path names (or as a monolithic alias)...

E.g., the users documents folder, when added by the user via selection from the add favorite folder dropdown button (or automatically by the smart favorite mechanism) is stored as

c:\users\user name\documents

or even

c:\Benutzer\user name\dokumente

in German!

This severly limits the portability of Dopus setups across different accounts and machines

Different Windows versions tend to abbreviate my German user name differently on any machine I daily use, which means I cannot simply share my Dopus setup (which I attempt to have exactly the same on all those machines) between the machines:

No favorite (smartly produced or explicitly by me) can be used on any of the other machines without first reediting it to the correct form

That is why I meanwhile ignore (do not use, cannot reedit them) smart favorites on my machines, but manually edited favorites explicitly generated by me to be shareable.

E.g., for the example shown above, I reedit the folder manually to


The result works like the one with absolute path name (Dopus apparently stores it using the %%variable)...

Nice try, no cigar, but at least a cigarette:

tedious, still not fully localization independent, but much more shareable (smarter?) than the result of simple Dopus folder selection

So why not make Dopus do that automatically and even more general?

Dopus already knows all the %% variables describing prefixes of Windows paths, therefore

  • whenever it is internally storing the path for a favorite (explicitly by user order, or because a folder was dragged to the folder bar or because it was generated smart by Dopus)
  • it should not store the absolute path but the absolute path generalized (like in the above example) with any %%variable whose value gives its start

Additional advantage:

Dopus could show the folder pathname as a better memorizable relative path name to the user...

Small change, big relieve...

And may be even generalizable to other path related areas like the folder tree setup with its mix of implicit Windows names and localization hazzles


I know the (full path) folder alias mechanism of Dopus, but it still solves only part of the problems from above (e.g. not the case of automatically generated smart folders), my suggestion, I believe, still would be a nice and orthogonal addition to it


  • Clemens


More effort should be expended to make the DO setup/configuration shareable. Increased localization independence is a step in this direction.