Show both Folder names in Window title?

For dual listers, is it possible to optionally change the window title to show both folder names? E.g. "Downloads | Windows" or something like that? If I have ten listers open, it is impossible to find the right lister by glancing at the Windows taskbar at the moment, because they all have the same name.

Great idea! Yes it is possible:

See Preferences / Display / Options, there is option "Custom title", where if you enter these two tokens separated by a pipe character:

%3 | %4

you'll get exactly what you've described. You can of course use some other character instead of pipe.

Here are the supported tokens (from the docs):

%P - full path of the current (source) folder
%N - name of the current (source) folder
%R - drive root of the current (source) folder
%D - full path of the destination folder
%M - name of the destination folder
%G - target if the folder is a junction or softlink
%1 - full path in the left file display
%2 - full path in the right file display
%3 - folder name in the left file display
%4 - folder name in the right file display

%L - name of the Layout the Lister came from (if any)
%T - complete original title (useful for simply adding a prefix or suffix to the title)
%% - insert a literal % character[/quote]

Awesome, it works!!!