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Show date modified in status bar

Hello, dear support
I'm struggling with absence of "date modified" in list view.
It is showing even in regular windows explorer.
Is it possible to enable?
Please take a look at screenshots

Switch your View from List to Details. (The View menu is probably that "V" button with the dropdown arrow next to it in your screenshot.)

Hello and thanks for suggestion
I know I can switch list to details but details isn't comfortable view for me.
In regular windows explorer you can always see date modified in status bar even in list mode and status bar is pretty long to include it.
Is it possible to enable date modified in list mode?

You can edit the status bar under Preferences / Display / Status Bar.

Click the Codes drop-down there and select Selection > {sel:write} Modification Date to add the modified date for the selected file.

Thank you very much, It helped me a lot!