'show desktop' Button in Dopus toolbar

Hi forum,

how can I add a button to a toolbar that triggers the windows 'show desktop' action (like pressing Win+D on the keyboard)?

Regards David.P

Use this one.. o)

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none"> <label>Toggle Desktop</label> <tip>Toggle Desktop</tip> <icon1>#godesktop</icon1> <function type="script"> <instruction>@script jscript</instruction> <instruction /> <instruction>var objShell = new ActiveXObject(&quot;shell.application&quot;);</instruction> <instruction>objShell.ToggleDesktop();</instruction> </function> </button>

Amazing, thanks!

Now have a look what this is:

Dopus pinned down to the desktop, window decoration removed :smiley:
(temporarily made a little smaller in order to see the arrangement)

I don't get it.. o) What benefit do you get by pinning DO down to the desktop?

Besides that, spanning DO over 3 displays is surely a nice setup to work with. o)

Most importantly, just like the Desktop, Dopus doesn't jump to the front of everything else one every single monitor, if you click on it or do something inside it. This used to drive me mad.

Like here: you can look things up in Dopus, and it does NOT jump in front of your Word Document (left), or whatever else you have open at the moment.