Show file info in viewer panel

Have a suggestion for a new feature:
If you have the viewer panel open and browse between different types of files. Then images, pdf and text are displayed. But if it doesn't recognize the file like when it's a zip file or some other file it just shows an icon. It would be nice if it showed detailed information about that particular file. Like right click and properties in windows.

That info should be already available in the metadata panel. The viewer panel could show some info about the file's content, like the file browsers in WinRAR and 7zip. Might make one's life easier when looking through archives.

Would definitely be interesting to see if WinRAR and 7zip could be persuaded to live in Opus' viewer panel :wink:

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If you have the metadata panel, the viewer panel and dual lists, I think there will be too many windows/panels.
With zip or rar, a simple list of the first 20 files could be displayed. With .exe files or files it doesn't recognize, it might look like this. (played a bit carelessly with images in Krita as an example)

There is a viewer plugin API which allows adding custom viewers for any file type.

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