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Show file name of file being copied

Hello all,

When copying file from one panel to another, the file does not appear in the destination panel. Only after full copy is finished. I remember in some older version this did happen, file name being copied was shown in destination panel. Is there some way to enable this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Is it doing that for all destination devices or just some?

Have you changed any of the troubleshooting settings in Preferences? Some of those disable change notifications.

Do you mean the file appears when the file is fully copied, or when all the files being copied are completed?

What happens in File Explorer when doing the same copy?


I have only noticed this with one destination. It is a mounted network hard drive.

I don´t remember having made any change in preferences. Is there any specific option I should double check and make sure?

I tested with a single file copy. The file only appears at destionation AFTER full copy is finished. Not durring copy.

I am unable to make test in file explorer untill this weekend.

Thank you in advance!

It's probably how the network server works. Some filesystems (or Samba, etc.) report change events at different times to others.