Show Files Filter as-you-type


I was wondering if there is any way of making a field similar to the 'Show Files' built-in field that will do substring matching (as opposed to wildcard matching) on whatever you type, as you type it.

This would be similar in functionality to opera's quickfind fields.

So for example if you typed F, it shows all fies beginning with F, then you type I, and it narrows down to only files beginning with FI, and so on...

Is there a way of doing this in dopus atm, or a thrid party control available or would it be worth sticking this post in the feature requests section?


I agree with you, something like this would be great. Newsleecher usenet program uses this and it is great. I would still vote to keep the existing hide/show function as it is a lot more powerful, but for quick searches, your recommendation would be great.

Also, like with Newsleeched, double clicking that field erases the contents and cancels the filter, so no need to have an extra button created to erase the field for you or to manually delete the contents and press enter to accept a nil filter

Yeah, I liked that feature in newsleecher as well, I used opera as my example because I figured more people would probably have used it. The doubleclick-to-clear sounds like a good addition, I didn't know about that.

Having a shortcut key that could move focus straight to the field would streamline things even more, similar to the way ctrl+F in Firefox works. The audible beeps each time you type a letter (in the Firefox search) when no results are found is very useful too.

Maybe an option for when you start typing in a lister window, focus moves automatically to the filter field, instead of the current behaviour of selecting files.

You can already set whatever shortcut key you want to put the focus in a filter box. Right-click the box in Customize mode and select Edit.

Also, if you start typing directly into a lister (not into a filter box, path bar or whatever) then Opus jumps to the first time that matches what you've typed so far.

well, I'd suggest moving this to the feature request forum anyhow. I'd like to have this sort of option for the show files/folders filters to be applied as-you-type.

Side note- I'd also like to have some way of toggling the 'current' filter to have it appled automatically to files, folders, or both files and folders. This way I only have to have one 'display filter' field/box on my toolbar that I can use for both data types...

"You can already set whatever shortcut key you want to put the focus in a filter box. Right-click the box in Customize mode and select Edit."

Cool, I didn't know you could do that. Cheers :slight_smile:

Now if we can just get it to do substring filter-as-you-type matching I'll be a happy bloke :slight_smile:

Although it's strictly against our policy to announce details of new versions before they are released, I can tell you the next version will have this :slight_smile:

Edit: The current version now has this feature.

Haha, your policy obviously isn't that strict :slight_smile:

Thanks very much :smiley:

Eeeexcellent :smiley:

I've had a chance to play around with the new file-filter control now and I love it, that is exactly what I had in mind, cheers!

One minor thing though - is there a way to make the "Filter in realtime" option stay on for all folders? It's slightly annoying to have to turn it on for each folder I want to use it in (as it's off by default).


Edit the path field in customize mode and you can add the word realtime to the args field. Then the filter will always be set to realtime mode.

Cool, thanks for that :slight_smile:

This might be worth an option in Preferences.