Show Files|Folder Filter - change color

Greetings All,

a common problem I have it that I've forgotten that I've set a filter.

Is there anyway to change the color of the back drop when the filter is applied. ie. then have a remove color of back pane when you remove filter


*SET COLOR DYNAMICALLY Don't know if command exists. couldin't see it. eg. plain white on remove


how do you create and edit box to pass the file specifier to


Any thoughts greatly appreciated.



I tried the following strategy.

I created a red toolbar called FiltersOnOff. ie. toggle the toolbar on and off when the filter is being applied.

On my custom toolbar I have a remove filters


	<button display="label" effect="gray">
		<label>Remove Filter</label>
		<function type="normal">
			<instruction>Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME =</instruction>
			<instruction>SET SHOWFILTERFOLDERS =</instruction>
			<instruction>Toolbar TOGGLE FilterOnOff</instruction>

In the custom toolbar I have the following button

Show Files Directly enter a wildcard pattern to show files in the current Lister 0 TOOLBAR TOGGLE FilterOnOff Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME=field

ie. when the enter key is pressed it should toggle the toolbar on and off.

But this isn't working. Suggestions to the thread are still sought.

Hi there UnspecifiedId... I can appreciate what you're trying to do, but I'm not sure that command combinations work the way you're trying to make them work when drop down style buttons are involved. It seems maybe you've manually edited the toolbar file (DOP) or the button (DCF) file to insert the toolbar toggle command into a standard Show Files Field button?

Anyway, I recall this basic sort of idea coming up on the forums before where you are looking for some sort of visual indicator that a filter is active... check out this thread for some quick hints and let us know what you think...