"Show Files" pull down field

I tried searching the forum for the subject of my request but couldn't figure out how to search for only the two words together and gave up. I use the DOPUS Show Files field extensively and find it to be one of the most power features available. I recently got a problem in that the *.jpg parm I entered into that field has become the 'default' content for the field. Even when I clear the field successfully, the next instance of DOPUS comes up with the parm loaded.

Q1: How do I reset the default for that field to a blank for all listers?

Q2: Is there a shortcut key to clear the field without having to mouse over, highlight and hit enter?

Thanks for all your great support!

It has probably been saved into the folder format for the directory or (more likely) the default lister (or layout, if you arr loading one instead).

Clear the field and then re-save the default lister via Settings -> Set as Default Lister to see if that solves it.

You might want to look at the Filter Bar as well. That replaced the old Show Files Field and is generally superior.

Thanks Leo,

That would certainly solve the mystery. I haven't tried that yet but am very confident that's the problem. I did just recently save a default lister and wasn't paying attention to that field.

The second question is also a problem though. Is there an easier way to throw away the parm?

Yes, use the Filter Bar instead and the problem can't happen.

Thanks! I didn't know about that field. It looks much more powerful than the Show Files field. It makes me wonder if there's any advantage at all with Show Files field over the Filter Bar.

There isn't in general. Maybe in some very esoteric cases, but even then not much. The Show Files Field is really a legacy thing that was left in in case people hated the Filter Bar, but could probably be removed these days.