Show Icons instead of Thumbnails

Can Directory Opus do this? In Windows Explorer it's called "Always show icons, never thumbnails". I'm looking for a similar option.

The Large Icons display mode may be what you're looking for.

The "Large" Icons are actually tiny, like in XP. I was hoping for something at least 96x96

The modes that show larger icons will show thumbnails where possible, although you can disable some types of thumbnails.

What kind of files are you trying to avoid seeing thumbnails of? Is it just for aesthetic reasons or performance reasons or something else?

It's mostly for aesthetics and convenience. I find it easier if all of a particular filetype looks the same.

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Applying what the OP asked for is still not possible, right ?

Will this ever be a feature? If I'm going to replace Windows Explorer, I at least need all of its abilities. I take a look every time I'm notified a new version, but I see we still can't do this with v13.