Show seconds & milliseconds only in one specific folder?

Is there a way to have seconds and milliseconds displayed in the Modified and Created columns, only when in a specific folder, rather than for all folders?

My phone saves pictures I take in the phone's \DCIM\Photos\ folder (images are saved in the phone's storage, rather than on the SD card). I use Samsung Kies to copy (backup) my pictures to my computer. However, the date/time stamps of the copied files on my computer are all the same, that is, they are stamped with the date/time the copies were created, not the actual dates/times they were originally taken on my phone. I have the "Preserve the timestamps of copied files" option enabled, but the dates/times of the copied files are not the same as they are on my phone.

The EXIF 'date taken' field will probably have the dates you want. Opus can display it in a column and can also copy it into the normal file timestamps if you wish.

The seconds and milliseconds options are for the whole program and I don't think they can be overridden for individual folders. But how would they help here, if all the timestamps are essentially the same?

The "preserve timestamps of copied files" option only works when copying files using Opus, and only preserves what the filesystem says the timestamps are. I'm not familiar with Kies, but if Kies did the file copy itself, or makes the phone appear as a virtual drive, then the option would not affect what it did. If Kies makes the phone appear as a drive letter or MTP device then the option would affect what Opus does, but only if the folder listings Kies provides has the correct timestamps to preserve.