Show sync status of QNAP QSync folders and files like in MS Explorer

Hello Dopus community,

is there a way to show the synchronization status of folders and files in dopus that have been synchronized using QNAP Qsync software? It works fine in MS Explorer (see attachment)? Could this maybe achieved using scripting?

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Try adding the root of the sync path to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Filesystem]: cloud_sync_paths.

thanks for the hint. Now "status" column shows the green checkmark even on folders that are still syncing (which should show the circular arrows like explorer does correctly). Any hint?

dopus shows correct status icons now for files and folders whether they are available on the server or aslo locally. Seems to work now! :grinning:

The cloud status icons don't show the current state of the synchronization process in the file pane:
In the folder tree they are displayed correctly (e.g. "2015" is still synching, "2017-08-17" is finished) whereas in the file pane all folder seem to have finished synching.
How can this be fixed?

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the reply, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by "root of the sync path".
On my desktop folder I have a folder called Qsync which expands to C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\QNAP\Qsync\Quick Access.
In there there are multiple folders that are being synced on different drives (C:, D:)
I've put that folder name where you suggested, but nothing has changed, and when I do which folder field will then need to be displayed?


Ok, got it, deleted the quick access reference and it worked, thanks

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Nope, not got it!
I must be sonething wornog.
When changed the entry it worked for the specific reference I made, but all other folder option values the status field was blank, I can't add each folder that is accesses as this can change, but when I look at Windows File Explorer it get it perfectly right, what am I doing wrong, please?

Could you give more detail on that? I'm not sure I understand.

Hi Leo,

Sorry, I didn’t explain it very well.

So I went into the preferences and added the reference to my QSync folder

And then when I went to that folder the status shows the cloud sync status as expected

But when I go to one of the actual folders that is being synced the status is not there

But when I look Windows File Explorer the status is correctly shown

Do I need to add references in the preferences to each folder that is synced?

Please see attached document with text and screen shots.

Can't read any of the screenshots unfortunately. Looks like they've been resized even in the original version.

You usually only need to add the top-level folder, if everything else is below it. But I'm not sure exactly how QNAP works and it might require adding the next level of folders below that, perhaps.

Hi Leo,

Ok, so I set the Cloud_Sync_Paths to the top level disk "D:" which includes some folders that are sync'ed and others that are not. Now the status field shows the cloud sync symbol but on enveryine in the folder, which clearly doesn't seem right or what matched Windows FIle Explorer which only shows the cloud sync symbol for folders/files that are synced?

Any thoughts?