"Show USEEXISTING" stopped working

In DOpus 12, I had a viewer shortcut that runs the command Show AUTOFILELIST USEEXISTING to update the list of files the standalone viewer is aware of, e.g. after new images are added to the directory of the currently opened image.

This would then allow me to cycle to the new images in that particular viewer window, leaving any other viewer window's independent awareness of the file list unchanged.

With version 13.0.42 Beta:
Rather than having the expected behavior to re-use the same window, that command now opens now up a new, separate viewer window showing the same image as the first viewer. The new window does have the 'refreshed' file list, while the first viewer window does not.

Was something intentionally changed for this command? If so, what would be a new way to update the file list for a particular viewer window?

Note: I want to keep the file list refreshing to be done manually, on-demand, rather than some automatic way.

In Opus 13 the "re-use existing viewers" option segregates lister-linked and normal viewers, so one will never re-use another. Lister-linked viewers also need to have come from the same lister to be re-used.

So if the existing viewer is lister-linked, I think the command to update it would also have to specify the LISTERLINK argument.

I this case, I'm not using a lister-linked viewer (although that's a new feature I'm interested to try out soon to see how it meshes with my work-flows).

Edit: I guess a simpler way to summarize the issue is just to say that the USEEXISTING argument doesn't seem to work for me in the Show command.

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next beta. In the mean time, USEEXISTING=yes should work.