Showing jewel cases instead of 3D Folder thumbs

I have two folders with music content (FLAC) and CD-Cover pictures (JPG). One shows a jewel case. That's OK. The other one shows a 3D folder thumb. (Not OK).

What prevents the second folder to display it correctly?

Thanks for any suggestion!

Are either of these changed?

If automatic detection isn't working for some reason, you can force a folder to use CD thumbs by copying (or renaming) folder.jpg to coverart.jpg

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No, they aren't changed. I can't change them from folder.jpg to coverart.jpg because I need them for Groove Music and JRiver Media Center.
But I did it vice versa. I changed coverart.jpg to folder.jpg and now it is correctly shown. :grinning: Perhaps Directory Opus is disturbed by so many JPGs.

Thanks for the instruction!

You don't have to rename it. You can copy it if you want both.

You mean via the Preferences option? I wouldn't recommend that, as it will cause things which aren't music folders, but have a folder.jpg, to be rendered as CD jewel cases.

Ahh, I think it only checks the first 5 or so files in the folder when deciding if the folder contains music or not. NTFS usually returns the list of files in alphabetical order, which would normally put the music files first when they start with track numbers, but in this case the music files start with S and the JPGs start with A and F, which would list them first. That's probably what's happening.

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No, I only have folder.jpgs in music folders. Don't worry.

Are you sure? Because the manual on page 127 says:

The content type format can be enabled or disabled, and the actual format can be defined, for each configured file type group. On the Options tab for each content type format, the Content threshold setting lets you configure the percentage of files in a folder that must match the file type group for the content type format to be used.

And this is a problem, because it can collide with another content type format, for example Images which is also set to 25 %.

So if you have a folder with 5 images (jpg) and 5 audio files (flac) and both tresholds are set to 25 % the image content type format prevails and not the music format. :joy:

Some software puts them in other places as well.

It's not related to the Content Type system.