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Showing multiple pictures in a folder


I’m using DOpus V12 on Windows 10 V1703.
In File Explorer I can press Enter to display a photo in a folder. Then, in the Photos app, I can use Cursor Right to move to the next image.
However, when I start this in D Opus, I cannot use the cursor key to move to the next image, I must go back to D Opus and start again from there.
Is there a way to configure D Opus to work the same way as File Explorer?


That is the Windows Photos app choosing to do things differently depending on how it is launched, and there’s no other documented way to launch it that we are aware of, as with a lot of the “Metro” side of Windows.

See my reply here for more detail.

If you use Opus’s own viewer, or almost any other viewer made for Windows other than the Metro Windows Photos App, it should work normally.