Showing the number of files/folders highlighted/total

I would like to see the total number of files and folders in the active window and showing the number that are highlighted.

Please tell me what I need to do to accomplish this objective.


The status bar shows that by default. You may have turned off the status bar, or configured it to show different information. What do you see now at the bottom of the window?

Are you using Opus 10 as your account linking says, or is that out of date?

I'm using Opus 10. My question pertains to that version.

Please disregard...I replied to the wrong reply.

Here are the settings for the status bar:

You can copy and paste them:

{i:dir}  {sd} / {td} 
{i:file}  {sf} / {tf} 
{h!} <#FF0000><b>{hi} hidden</b></#> {h!}
{h!} <#008800><b>{hse}</b></#> {h!}
 {sba} / {tba} {rpad}
{h!} {ls} {h!}
{h!} {df} {bg+w=50,f=2,g=3,t=n,c1=#68f040,c2=#f06840}{h!}

Some of those codes won't work in Opus 10, but you can reset the Preferences page via the File menu, or use the Samples button on the right (I think it was there in Opus 10, but might be wrong).

But you may just have the status bar turned off, rather than configured not to show the desired information, which is why I asked what you see currently. A screenshot of the window will tell us which thing(s) need to be done.

They work pretty well except hse:

Here are the default settings: