Showing User Comments in Hover Dialog Box

As can be seen in the screen shot, I've set a description using the Set Description command for the file rufus_v1.3.2.exe. Can this description be shown in the hover box instead of having the extra column showing?

Try using user description {userdesc} instead of description {desc}.

Where would I use this? The command I've used is SetAttr DESCRIPTION. The use of {userdesc} seems to only apply (according to the help) to lister columns and fileInfo tips for a specific file type; not an individual file.

You should find that in settings -> filetypes -> all files & folders -> edit -> info tip or in the system file types
info tip for .exe files. Just add the {description} or {userdesc} from the drop down menu.

Thanks blueroly and abr. With your help I've got what I need now. Cheers!!

One more question! This is purely a cosmetic issue; how do I line up the text and the attribute. If you look at the screenshot, the predefined infotip fields seem to be tab aligned, I don't seem to be able to insert a tab between Comment: and {userdesc}, only space and this has put the comment text slightly out of line.

Use tabs. Copy & paste one of the existing tabs from the other lines.

I tried using tabs, but it takes you out of the editor and drops you on the Insert Field dropdown box instead and then on to Samples; you get the idea....

I think you only read the first two words of my reply. :slight_smile:

TBH, I did! Then I realised what you were saying. Sorted Now. One other thing, will the {userdesc} text get copied with the file when saying copying to a backup disk?

Yes, if you have -> settings -> options -> file operations -> copy attributes -> meta data checked.

It depends on the type of file and possibly (depending on the type) also depends on your Opus configuration and the filesystem you are copying to.

Thanks Leo, abr. Copying to NTFS formatted disks the comment follows the file. FAT & FAT32, no; but that isn't a problem for me. Thanks again for the help, it's a very useful facility to have.