Shrink, Grow, Auto-size Columns in Listview mode

Is there a way to shrink, grow, and dynamically auto-size column width in List view mode?

Another file manager lets me use Numpad + to grow the column width, Numpad - to shrink it, and Numpad * to auto-size the column width, and I've grown to like that feature. Can I replicate it in DOpus?


Turn on auto-size columns in Settings > Folder Options > Display tab or Settings > Preferences > Folders > Folder Formats.

If it doesn't work for some reason, also see this post: [Auto-size columns not working)
And/or have a look at the Folder Formats FAQ: [List of FAQs organised by topic)

I don't think you can turn auto-size columns on and off with a hotkey ...

But you could create a button with this code (see help file):

SET AUTOSIZECOLUMNS [,dest,left,right,both,focus,widest]: This command automatically resizes all displayed columns in a details or Power mode Lister.
It is the equivalent of double-clicking on the separator bars between each of the column headers.

Thanks Christiaan,

I had already figured out how to set a hotkey to turn on auto-size columns (Set AUTOSIZECOLUMNS=focus), but it doesn't work in List view. (It only works in Details view, and maybe in Power mode as well.)

For general file browsing, I like to use List view because it allows me to see the greatest number of files on screen at once, in the most ordered format (in my opinion). What I don't like about it is that the column width must be set to the longest filename width, which may be much longer than is necessary for the rest of the columns. Win7 seems to have addressed this by allowing multiple different columns sizes accordingly, but another way I've addressed this issue in the past is by leaving auto-size on, and then manually shrinking (and expanding, if necessary) the columns when I want to see more files and don't care about some of the names getting cut off.

Therefore, it's handy to have a hotkey to shrink/grow columns. I was hoping to see a feature that supported that, as another file manager I've used has the feature, and DOpus is one of the few file managers that I've found that, so far, I've been impressed with the sheer amount of features and configurability.

List mode can have fixed-size columns.

In the folder format, turn off Display / View / Auto-size columns. Then go to the columns tab and specify a width for the Name column.

You should be able to create two (or more) folder formats with different column widths, plus one with auto-size turned on, and then make hotkeys to switch between the formats to change the List-mode column widths. At least in theory... I've not tested this to see how well it works. (e.g. You might have to force a refresh of the file display for the new column widths to be used. Not sure.)

Can i change the name of columns ?

When i turn on auto size column, width this column is set to minimize name of this column

like this : in attachment...

You can't rename columns (except by switching languages).