Silent install & sftp

Two questions:

FIRST: The Direcrtory Opus silent install command posted on this page doesn't appear to work. I get an error stating "/Cert" is not a valid command". Has this silent install command been deprecated? The example posted on the help page uses a *.txt extenion instead of the actual *.opuscert Opuis uses on its certificate files. I've tried both extensions and they both fail. Has this feature been deprecated? I notice a link to this help page offering additional information, no longer exists.

SECOND: My ISP requires a public key file on my PC to initiate a Secure File Transfer (SFTP). I don't see any way to enable that on Directory Opus. (And, yes, I paid for the upgraded secure FTP features.

0: Please Ask one question per thread

1: The /Cert argument should still work, and did last I tested it. It needs to be run on dopus.exe (not the installer) and while Opus isn't already running.

2: The "Authentication" drop-down in the FTP address book, Site tab includes an option to use a public key file.

Where does the link to that come from?

Thanks for the information. Sorry about the dual questions. Does the /Cert file extension make any difference or can I use either *.txt or *.opuscert. The silent install llink comes from this referral page: Silent install

It shouldn't matter which extension the file has, as long as the same extension/path is used on the command line.

Ah OK, that random thread from 2008 probably linked to a post that has been merged into the main FAQ now.

(In fact, that whole thread is no longer useful so I've deleted it.)