Simple Batch Wont Run


I have a simple batch function in the command editor:

This allows me to run the function when I drag a file to the icon ive placed.
what happens when i drag and drop a file is: nothing. The cmd window doesn't even open with an error. Nothing happens at all. (I have tried this with {F} and {f})

When I open cmd manually and test the augs, the batch runs fine. What could I be doing wrong?

It looks like you've made a "BMF" user command which then calls a command called "BMF", i.e. itself. That would potentially end up as an infinite recursion.

Having @filesfromdroponly in the user command also doesn't make sense. That needs to be in the button itself. (For a short, simple command like this, putting the whole thing in a button and not using a User Command at all is probably best.)

Wow you are fast.

I will fiddle around with this using your advice, thank you.

So I put it all in a button now. I drag an appropriate file to it and it does nothing at all still.

Have you deleted the BMF user command or is it still there?

Are you still in toolbar editing mode when testing the button? It won't work until back in the normal mode, FWIW.

Yes, I both had deleted the original BMF user command and when testing I am out of editing mode when testing.

I will test some other things, because I had several ones like this I made yesterday and a few of them worked while others did not.

I found at least part (or maybe all?) of the issue.

The command editor for batch files doesn't work exactly like the cmd or a batch file would. It seems to require .exe to be used at the end of called applications.

This wont work

This will work

Thanks for the help!

That shouldn't matter. This runs notepad on the file twice (waiting for you to close the first one before the second opens):

Yeah I have no idea why it works with that change and doesn't work without it. I edited in the ".exe" to test and it launched, then removed it and it was doing nothing again.

It works without the .exe when using cmd manually, so I dont know if its the bmf.exe itself that is the issue or not.

I wonder if you are perhaps hiding common file extensions. If that is so and the file shows up on your screen as bmf.exe, then perhaps the file is actually named bmf.exe.exe.

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Good guess, but that is not the case.