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When in "Commander" or "Single" view mode, is there a simple way to filter the files which are displayed, like WinFile used to?

I could be wrong but I don't think Dopus makes use of 'Display' filters like some of the other file managers do... Which is funny because it was a feature I never found any use for until recently :slight_smile:. Adding yet another use for 'filters' in Dopus such as this would surely require a more accessible and centralized filter manager utility or tab in preferences.

You mean filters like these?

Customize, Commands, View:

Hide Files Field
Hide Folders Field
Show Files Field
Show Folders Field

I stick the Show FIles Field on my main toolbar (with ctrl-q hotkey for quick typing into it) and put the rest on the toolbar you can see toggled on in the screenshot. I toggle that with ctrl-F and/or a menu item.


nice catch!

Hi Nudel,
Thankyou very much !
I often use the 'Show Files' filter, but you really got it.
Thanks !

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