Single click or double click

I’m trying to get to a place with my use of the program where a single mouse click opens an item—pretty basic stuff. I have found the setting in Preferences for that and I have it checked. Except it doesn’t always work, and I cannot tell why not. Sometimes when I click a file it opens, but other times it just sits there, waiting for me to double click. I just want it to work consistently, every time, and it doesn’t. Is there something you can suggest that will help? I am using Directory Opus 12 and have been using the program since version 9, if not longer.

Did you check Windows' setting for the double click speed? Maybe it is set too low, so that clicks, which appear to be single clicks, actually are some sort of quick double clicks, because of some bouncing effects. Just an idea..

Interesting thought. When I check in the Control Panel, though, my double-click speed is at about 75% on the Fast end.

As long as you have the Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Single click to open an item option turned on then it should "just work", except in two specific cases:

  • Single click mode is not supported in Power mode. It's unlikely you've gone into Power mode by mistake, however it's worth checking the next time this happens.
  • Folders that are delegated to Explorer (e.g. Network) obey Explorer's rules, not ours - so you would need to have the single-click mode enabled in Explorer as well.

Can you be more specific about when/where it stops working? Which folders are you in when it happens?

Hi Jon,

Everything is set as you suggest, including Explorer. I wish I could be more specific. It just seems random to me, and as a publisher working on a number of projects at a time, I'm in lots of folders on lots of drives every day. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But I'll try to pay more attention going forward and see if I can get more specific information for you.