Single instance of Directory Opus


Is there a way to force just one instance of Directory Opus to be used? I have Directory Opus set as an Explorer replacement. Whenever I go "Run > enter some folder location" it will open a new instance of Directory Opus.


Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows

Excellent.. thank you very much!

Hi Leo,
I have followed all of the above settings, and still could not achieve - Always restrict DO to a single instance (aka Single Window)
However I just tried creating a .lnk file on the desktop to the folder I required, and if I double click that .lnk then it does what you describe in this thread, and what I desired.
My problem is - If I create a hyperlink (to a folder) within RightNote Pro (using RightNotes dialog for creating the link) that always opens a 2nd instance of DO
I tried getting RightNote to create a (file) link to the .lnk file, and that did nothing (nothing opened)
My stop gap solution which takes a bit of setting up (for every new link to a folder) is the following -

  • I created a folder on my desktop called SHORTCUTS (rather than having these special links scattered all over the desktop)
  • I use Windows procedure for creating a shortcut link to any new folder I am desiring the link to. (Saving .lnk file into SHORTCUTS folder)
  • When I create a hyperlink in RightNote (using RightNote's dialog) to the desired folder, I only create a link to the SHORTCUTS folder
    But I name that RighNote link with what I know to be the actual location of the desired folder.

Later when I double click the RightNote hyperlink, I have commited to memory (I am 77 with no memory) the folder name I actually want.
DO opens the SHORTCUTS folder in a new Tab (in the single instance of DO that was already running).
I use my memory of the actual folder name I was looking for, and run my eye down the list of .lnk files, and double click the desired .lnk file.
That then opens that desired folder, in the DO Tab, I am currently in.

Thus this achieves my life long desire (to never ever have two instances of any program run at the same time)
As you can imagine there are a few steps involved every time I now wish to add a new hyperlink into RightNote Pro.
If you can think of anything simpler, I would appreciate it.

PS I did not post this on the older page you linked to above, as you dislike that.

It may come down to how RightNote is opening the folder, possibly explicitly asking for a new window or for it to be opened in a certain way.

(Is it definitely an Opus window that's opening, and not a File Explorer window?)

It may not be something we have any control over, but if you want to ask the RightNote developers about it, from our point of view they should be opening folders in the standard way, which is either:

  • Call ShellExecuteEx on the folder path, with a null verb (so the default verb is used, allowing other file managers to replace Explorer).


  • Call SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems, if they want to open a folder and also select a file in it.

Opus also intercepts things which run explorer.exe directly in many cases, but that is less ideal.