Single Lister and Location Realtime Lists


I am new to Directory Opus so I help someone can help. I use the Windows-Run command all the time (as I know where my files are generally) and I have 2 questions relating to Directory Opus:

  1. When I use Windows-Run then it presents me with a realtime drop downlist of matching entries as I type - while the DO Location box seems to do this, it is very limiting in that it only shows if there is a single match. Is there a way of acheiving this functionality in DO?

  2. This is related to the above, since I can't seem to acheive (1) above then I am still using Windows-Run but when I then press enter a new lister is opened rather than the one I already have open on the screen. Is it possible to force only a single lister and new Windows-Run folders to be opened in that lister as a new TAB? and if not as a new TAB maybe just overwrite the current one?

Thanks in advance,

Opus should expand the first match for you as you type. You can then press the down-arrow (cursor key) to cycle through other matches.

e.g. I have C:\bea and C:\bea-backup here. If I type C:\b into the pathbar I get C:\bea (with ea highlighted). If I press the down arrow once I get C:\bea-backup (with ea-backup highlighted).

It's also worth mentioning that you can control where path completion happens in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Miscellaneous: Path complation in path field..., for example you might want to disable it on network drives if you find them too slow. This part of preferences also allows you to choose whether path completion happens automatically or only when you press an arrow key.

Another thing, for completeness, is that when you're given a suggested completion, you can skip to the end of it by typing a \ (backslash). This has a similar effect to pressing the End key.

There was a thread here a while ago where people were talking about some registry hacks to make folders opened by external programs (e.g. Explorer's Start-Run box) cause Opus to open new tabs. If the above information solves your problem, though, I wouldn't recommend the registry hacks unless you really want to try them. (Although they may work fine, it's always a risk of breaking something.)

Brilliant - thanks for that - I will give it a go and see how I get on.

Much Appreciated,