Single-user licensing and purchase

I seem to have made a mistake. I thought I remembered seeing terms that allowed a purchaser of a single-user license to use DOpus on more than one machine (e.g., 1 copy at work, the other at home) so long as that individual was the only person who used both machines.

After a re-look, I see nothing like that.


Does someone with a single-user license have to purchase another license to use DOpus in this manner?

You may get a response here from GPSoftware but as a general rule license issues are best directed to them via their own website.

The licence conditions for Opus are similar to most other utility software these days. You need a licence for each machine on which you install the program. So for multiple machines, you would need a dual/five or multiple install licence. Technically, for different sites you would need different (or single) licences for each site but if you are the sole user of the program on each site then we are happy if you just purchase a multiple install licence. You can purchase the dual or five install licence at a discount from the single licence prices direct from our web site.

As from Opus 9, each 'Licence' (be that for single, dual or five installs) also permits the 'registered owner' to install the program on one personal laptop, owned and used exclusively by the registered owner as part of the licence conditions.

You can add extra licences from the Licence Manager on the Support Page of the main GPSoftware web site, and if you need intermediate numbers (3-4) or multiple licences (5+) or have other specific questions then you should contact us directly via the mechanism on the Support page.

I am considering licensing and am wondering whether this means I can buy one v9 license and use the product on my home pc and my personal work laptop (company provided) ?

Thanks for any clarification.

This is primarily a user-to-user forum. You should ask GPSoftware directly (via the Sales address is probably best for this kind of query) for a definitive answer to these kinds of questions.