Sinlge Lister - Possible to Cycle thru Layouts via Toolbar?

I have a dual monitor setup where I like to keep a single lister open at all times. I'd like to be able to cycle thru my predefined layouts via the toolbar.
(I don't want to spawn off lots of additional listers by default)

Selecting Settings/ListerLayouts/ListerName is somewhat tedious - there must be a better way.

Has anyone customzed DOPUS to do this? Any ideas/suggestions?

P.S. It would also help if the selected lister layout name could be included in the display. (Future enhancement possibly?)


Layouts by their very nature spawn new listers. That's the point of them. For your purposes you'd be better off looking at Lister Styles (Preferences-Layout-Lister Styles). With these you can setup as many different styles as you like then toggle to them using commands like:

Prefs STYLE=<name of style>

Alternatively you could use the style tabbar (this is named tabbar by default). Turn this toolbar on from Settings - Toolbars.

A third option would be to create a dropdown list using the following command in a menu item:


This item will automatically populate with all configured styles once you exit customize mode.

If you do want to use Layouts (e.g. because you want to open more than one lister in a given layout/style) then you can use this command:


That generates a list of your layouts and when you select one it will close all existing Opus windows before opening the new one(s).

If you're aiming to change the look/shape/etc. of just one window, though, styles are a better bet since you don't have the flicker caused by windows opening and closing and you can more easily inherit the current path(s) from the existing window.

Maybe I need to clarify the underlying requirement here - let me be more specific about my needs.

What I have done so far is create several named layouts - each of which is a dual display, and each of which shows DIFFERENT logical sets of files of interest (e.g. in each case the upper display shows local drive contents; lower display shows network drive counterparts).

Separate layouts/logical groups are defined for (say - DOCUMENTS; QA Prgrams; Prodn Code etc.)

I'd like to be able to cycle thru each logical group (layout) in a single lister - (I've already set the prefs option per Nudels suggestion). I'm just looking for a better way to switch between layouts. (IOW - replace the Settings/ListerLayouts/LayoutName selection approach).

I was thinking of creating a toolbar button that when clicked would advance from the current layout to the next one in the sequence - is this doable?

BTW - I'm not sure how styles ase relevant here - all the layouts share the same style - it's the contents in each layout that change.

Styles can set the "layout" of a single window, as well as which paths it shows, so it sounds like Styles are more suited to what you want than Layouts (which are more for when you're dealing with more than one window, or you want one or more new windows to open in specific places and sizes).

The Styles and Layouts systems overlap quite a lot so it's not always obvious which to use but a general rule is if it's just one window, use a style.

There isn't a command which will cycle through each Style (or Layout) but you can add/move the submenus which list Styles (or Layouts) so they're directly on your toolbar or wherever you want. You can also use the "Tabbar" which Tanis described, which gives you a tab for easy selection of each Style.