Size Browser is the one feature I'm missing with Directory Opus

I love Directory Opus! The only thing I'm missing the 'Size Browser' that Path Finder on MacOS provides.

I click on a folder, click on the 'Size Browser' icon, and a new window opens up where I can quickly ascertain the largest folders ordered by size, the exact size, and then drill down inside any folder to see what's there. I'm including a graphic.

As Path Finder is just infantile in other respects compared to Directory Opus - I figure if they can offer this, Directory Opus could offer the same functionality?

You can show folder sizes in Opus, but you'd have to open the subsequent folders in some combination of the current pane, the dual-display pane, new tabs, or new windows.

Hi Leo - this specifically designed 'size browser' window is really useful for browsing around directories and finding out where the large files are. It's really a lot more user-friendly than going into a folder one at a time, clicking the 'get sizes' button, then clicking on the size column to sort.

The MacOS version pre-calculates all the sub-folders, so once it's loaded (which can take a while for a very large series directories), you can navigate around really quickly to find what you need.

Anyway, I realize there are work-arounds where you can achieve the same effect in Directory Opus, but they are way slower and far less user friendly than the 'size browser' window specifically designed for that one single task.

Just hoping you might want to implement something like it - or better - in a future version. Thanks!!

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