Size of window

Hi, I am finding that my listers all seem to open up too small and I have to drag them out bigger to see all the columns/content. I found a few threads on saving the window size but they did not seem to apply or I could not find the setting they were talking about. Is there a way to specify how big the listers open, without changing what my default lister is, that will affect all listers?

Why don't you want to change your default lister? That's should be what you change if you want to change what new windows look like.

Open a new window, resize it, then use Settings -> Set as Default Lister to save that as the new default.

If that doesn't do what you need, please explain what's wrong as it's not clear to me at least.

Are you saying I need to save the default lister in the size I want all lister layouts to open? Since my default lister is explorer style, the size seems fine as it is. But when I open a saved layout that is dual vertical, the window is small so it crowds the columns.

Sorry if I am dense! I have a lot of saved dual layouts and just recently they all seemed to start opening in small windows. Maybe I inadvertantly changed something.

If we're talking about layouts, they aren't affected by the default lister; instead, they use whatever the window sizes were when they layout was saved.

To change the sizes of windows in a layout: load the layout, resize the windows, then save the layout again.