Size (relative) and folder options


I have just started to use Directory Opus and have a couple of questions

  1. Can some one please explain what the size (relative) does

  2. When I add columns in Folder Options and then save it for all folders, no matter what I do the columns I have added appear at the far right of the display instead of wherever I place then in the columns.

Thanks for your help


  1. The relative size bars show you the size of files (and folders if their sizes have been calculated) in a directory, relative to each other.

The largest file with have a 100% width bar.
A file half its size will have a 50% width bar.

It allows you to quickly identify the large and the small files which is often useful. If you don't like it you can turn it off, of course.

  1. There is probably another folder format which is taking effect before the one you've saved, then allowing the one you've saved to add its columns afterwards. Have a look in Preferences, Folders, Folder Formats. If you want columns to appear for all folders they should be saved into the Custom format (in the Default Formats section), so check that one is correct first.

Assuming that is correct, you are likely seeing the columns in the wrong order because one of the higher-up formats is being applied first. (Matching formats are applied top-to-bottom, unless one of the formats specifies that no further ones are checked.)

The most likely thing is that a Content Type Format is taking effect. You can either turn them all off or edit them so that they also have the columns you want. Content Type Formats are applied automatically when Opus sees a directory with certain types of files and, by default, Opus comes with such formats for images, music and document files. These confuse a lot of new users. :slight_smile: (Although you should see a big pop-up bubble message the first few times such a format is applied, unless you've removed the content-type dropdown from your toolbars.)

Check also that you haven't defined a Folder Format for a specific path, which could cause the same problem. Formats for specific paths will match all subdirectories as well, unless told not to.

Thanks for the help