Size Thumbnails separately in dual display

When I'm in dual display mode and have thumbnail view on for both listers and change the size of the thumbnails it affects both listers.
Is there a way to change the thumbnails size of only one lister?

You could create commands using SHOW:


Set the thumbnail size in the current file display. Dynamic thumbnail sizing must be enabled in Preferences.

left / right / source / dest / both

Apply changes to the left / right / source / dest file display only

And here's an example: Show THUMBNAILSIZE=Source,256

Thanks a lot Christiaan. works perfect.
I wish opus could resize it more. Lets say 512 x 512. Vista and Leopard support 512 x 512. And I love the upscaling of 128 icons to 256 of vista. I don't think that most people ever need 512 thumbs but for me it would very nice. :smiley:

FWIW, Vista only seems to go up to 256x256 as well (at least at the standard DPI setting).

At 512x512, even on most high-res monitors, you'd be lucky to fit more than four images on screen at once. Why not use the viewer pane at that point?

The bigger the max thumbnail size the bigger the thumbnails Opus has to cache (at least if dynamic sizing is enabled) so that's a trade-off there as well.

(NOTE/UPDATE: Opus 10 lets you adjust the max size.)

Hello guys. Sorry for bumping an old topic of mine.

Since it was not possible to make a slider react only for a specific lister I was wondering this. How can I make a button to toggle/cycle between these commands.