Skip locked when deleting

Sometimes I delete a bunch of files, and some are locked. Is there a way to make DO just skip the locked and delete the others? Now DO stops at every locked file.

Add the QUIET argument to the delete command. e.g.



Would it be cool if we had sort of a CLI type field in some of the file operations exception dialogs to alter the behavior "on the fly"? For example, instead of just the Retry-Skip-Abort dialog for file deletions... or the Replace-Rename dialog for copy/move operations, to be able to have some sort of CLI type field to specify additional OPTIONS/ARGUMENTS for the function to be applied to the remainder of the operation (for THIS case, add the QUIET arg to the remainder of the deltions after the first exception is encountered)?

Of course - this would require that folks interested in such a thing actually KNOW what the available arguments do :wink:... maybe even provide the sort of drop down arguments selection list like th ecommand editor has for the function being performed - whoah... hey now, lay off the Soju steje!

The most obvious answer, as it (too) often happens :confused:

Anyway, maybe use the copy dialog approach, where there are multiple choices on drop-down buttons?

:smiling_imp: What? I'm not drunk THAT often!!! :laughing:

Yeah, that works.
DOpus got past it and deleted unlocked files.
The only command I needed was simply Delete.
The Quiet argument didn't stop Vista from insisting that I need to click a stupid dialog box for each locked file.

If you make the deletion not use the recycle bin then you'll avoid that dialog.

That said, you should be able to select Do this for all current items (3 found) at the bottom and then click Skip so that you don't get more than one dialog.