Skip when Image Identical


I'm not sure if this is already possible but I would love to see a feature that skips images/files when they are identical. I.e. for images skip when filename, file size or CRC and image dimensions are the same. For other files, skip when filename and file size or CRC are identical.

It's really quite silly to only allow skipping when filename is identical.

Yes there are occasions when the files may not be identical but in my experience this is quite rare.

This feature -used- to be available in ACDSee but for the last 2 or so versions has been conspicuously missing. Now that I use DOpus almost exclusively for quick image management I would love to see this feature here.


Why? It's only when the filename is identical that there's a danger of overwriting an existing file.

Why? It's only when the filename is identical that there's a danger of overwriting an existing file.[/quote]

Yes true, but that's where it becomes a pain - when you have to manually decide which files are actually identical.

Say you're copying over one gallery into another you may have many collisions based on filename alone. But you don't want to deal with each one manually and individually. The program should be able to just skip ones that are identical based on better comparison criteria than just the filename. That's where CRC or file size or image dimensions or hash or whatever come in. If the files are truly identical, skip. If not, throw up the comparison dialogue as per usual.

You could select the auto-rename option in the dialog that appears for the first conflict and then after the images are copied over use the Duplicate Finder in Opus to delete any duplicate files (by MD5 checksum).

Definitely. But I'm sure you would agree this is a rather roundabout way of achieving something that could well be done with simplicity from the copy/move dialogue. Please DOpus Developers add this one in!