Slideshow for all JPGs in any folder called "xyz"

After cleaning my apartment, blowing up the ballons and right before people arrived and the new year's eve party was launching:
I wanted to slide-show all previous new year's eve party pictures on a separate display. o)

Assume a list of various "party"-folders containing jpgs and other files, some of these are new year's eve folders from the previous years.
What would I use get a slideshow going, which just shows jpgs contained in these new years eve folders?

I tried around with flatview, filtering for foldernames, the advanced search but still got nowhere.

Any ideas? Thanks! o)

I managed to find all related folders with the search, and was about to "hooray", but then..
I remembered the "find results" being a file collection right before I was about to press "Flat View" on it. Damn! o)
How often that already happened for collections, I don't know.
Knowing that you don't find that feature sensible, I guess it's time to create some "windows library <-> DO collection" converter button or something? o)

The slideshow command works on folders (non-recursive) so you wouldn't need the files, only all the folders.

But finding all *.jpg files with fullpath matching *\xyz* is fairly trivial with the Find panel (advanced) as well, so doing that is probably what I would do. What were you stuck on when trying to do it that way?

Ok, so all I need is the "Show" command on selected folders? This is so easy I didn't thought of that! o)

Regarding the advanced find, I shortly thought about using path matching, but didn't use that for some time, so I tried to find a way with things I use more regularly (show-filters and flatview e.g.). But I see now and agree, that is the best way to do it. Matching against a path also allows to "randomize" the result by filesize e.g., to reorder the images a bit. Randomizing the images cannot be done with the internal viewer or the show command, right?

Thank you! I will hopefully not forget until december 31th! o)

Just to show how it can be done by filtering a flatview (I just had to come back and have another approach o).
It may not be sensible for creating a slideshow, as I learned the "Show" command will do nicely with selected folders, but it still may be useful for other scenarios.

Create a filter similar to the following (which also makes use of a path to match against, just like when using the "Find" method):

And then hide all non-matching items with this command (though I recommend the "FilterMenu" script-addin for doing such things):

Select "Silvester 02" FILTER FILTERFLAGS=hidenomatch,deselect

Results in a view like this (sorted by size here to make the different locations visible in the "Location" column):

Using these predefined filters to minimize a set of files or folders, especially in flatview, is really a very powerful functionality.
It's something we should make use of more often! o)

A forgot to reference the FilterMenu script-addin, which make these filters very accessible for regular use:

You could just run a Find on the filter, which is perhaps more straightforward that flat-view follwed by a filter.

This way, a structured flatview showing just x-levels of sub-folders and files (also grouped and indented by folders e.g.) can be created, that's something the find won't give you, as you cannot switch to flatview from the find result. Else I fully agree, a simple find should be more straightforward for most cases. o)

Yeah, that's something you don't get with a FInd. DIdn't look like you wanted / were doing that, though. :slight_smile:

Keeping the structure wasn't my primary goal, this is correct, I just wanted to show the benefit of this way compared to using a Find.
And what I tried initially that evening is coupled. I was trying to reduce a big grouped flatview to just what is related to new years eve, so I then could start the slideshow by clicking one of the files left visible from any new years eve folder. That approach is proven to work now, unfortunately I wasn't successful that evening and looked here for help the other day to get myself sorted again.

Thx! o)