Slideshow with folder selected results in Access Denied

Directory Opus 12, Windows 10 (64-bit).

In trying to use the Viewer/Slideshow by selecting a picture folder I get screen message "Unable to load pictures [lists them], Access is denied".
Each picture can be viewed in Viewer Pane, as a thumbnail in the file Lister, and if I open the picture folder, select a bunch of the pictures, then use "Slideshow" this works.
If I use Windows 10 "File Explore", select the same picture folder, Windows 10 has a tab that occurs "Manage" (File, Share, View, etc.) and then I select slide show the pictures are presented in a slide show.

I checked with my laptop as it just upgraded from 11.x to 12.2 and the same thing happens.

I did search on "access denied" and read most of the 2016 and some of 2015 similar issues of "access denied" (257 of them) before posting to see if there was similar problem, I saw some that were close; looked to see if any of those solutions might apply; none appeared to.

Thanks for the report. We'll fix that in the next update.

When using the Show or Slideshow commands on a folder, the viewer is correctly enumerated the folder's contents, but it's also trying to display the folder itself as the first image, resulting in the error message. Easily fixed on our side.

The access denied error message is a little misleading, and coming from Windows itself. Windows returns that for almost any "impossible" operation.

Since Amiga days, you folks are amazing!
You understand the problem, answer the question and describe the fix.
Where does this happen by any company over decades!
Bravo Zulu