Slightly rocky upgrade

Congratulations on releasing DOpus 13 folks. My upgrade was a little on the rocky side. Not complaining. Just thought you might want to know.

  1. The purchase page twice threw me an error when I had the FTP option enabled. It just said 'Error'. I unchecked the FTP option and it then took me to the Paypal login screen. I went back and enabled the FTP option and then it was all happy. Weird.

  2. When the DOpus 13 license agreement came up there was no way to accept it. This was rather puzzling. I just happened to try and resize the window and magically some buttons appeared at the bottom and I was able to proceed.

  3. This is my fault but I think I paid the full price 99 AUD when I could have got a discount since I have a license for version 12. Am I right in thinking that and if so, can we do anything about it?

Thanks, and looking forward to exploring the new things in 13.

For 2, we haven't seen that but can try to reproduce it... What's your Windows version, screen resolution and DPI / scaling set to?

For 1 & 3, please email with details.

Windows 11 Pro, 3840x1200, Scaling 100%. Monitor is 32:10 ultrawide if that makes a difference.